Cancellation Policy

1.What is Cancellation Policy

Can the tab subscription be canceled before the expiration of the subscription period itself? Anyone willing to cancel the subscription just by reaching out to customer care. To know about the refund, refer to the cancellation policy below.

Cancellation policy for tab subscription:

  • If a customer cancels the order before shipping, or if it is rejected on the delivery at the doorstep, a cancellation fee will be charged, and the balance amount will be repaid within 14 working days of the customer’s request to cancel it.
  • Suppose the package has been canceled because of the significant delay or unavailability of the order. In that case, the whole amount will be debited back to the buyer within 14 days of the cancellation. Note, a full refund would only occur if the order had not been dispatched till the date of cancellation.
  • If somehow the tab is broken while in use and the user wishes to discontinue the subscription, the refund of the remaining portion, i.e., the unused period, would be provided within 14 business days once the cancellation fees have been deducted. Nevertheless, the customer always has an option of obtaining a new tab.
  • If the user decides to discontinue the subscription, the hardware price will not be paid back in any condition. You will get back the tablet once it has been unlocked.